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Kody Darcy of Kentridge High School was recently selected in the 39th round by the New York Mets in the Major League Baseball (MLB) draft. But due to financial differences on each side, Darcy has opted to play college baseball for Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, earning a full ride for his athletics and academics.

It was a tough decision for the recent graduate, who slashed a .425 batting average with 18 RBIs his senior season. Many teams in the league were in contact with Darcy days before the draft, but their offers were not enough for him to forgo the opportunity to play collegiate baseball.

His edict was around a $500,000 signing bonus – but never came to fruition.

“I just was really happy with going to Xavier University,” Darcy said. “And didn’t think the money was enough to pull me away from experiencing college baseball.”

But, the Mets decided to take Darcy late in the draft, with hopes of an agreement on the signing bonus and not wasted an earlier pick on a kid who would possibly not sign, like Darcy.

“The deadline to decide was in the middle of July,” he said. “And getting closer to that deadline, they still hadn’t been able to come up with all the money, so I told them I didn’t want to sign for anything less. They were understanding and said hopefully we can make something work in a few years if I do what I’m capable of doing in school.”

If all goes to plan with a healthy and successful collegiate career, you can expect Darcy to declare for the 2020 MLB Draft.

Most of the time, college baseball players can not declare for the draft until after their junior or senior seasons. But, if you are old enough after your sophomore season—you are qualified to do so.

“I am actually eligible after my sophomore year,” Darcy stated. “So, if things go as planned, I would like to go to the draft after my sophomore year.”

For any 18-year old, it’s a hefty life decision at such a young age. There were constant discussions within the family on what the ‘right’ choice was for him. But, there was no deterrent on whether to turn pro or go to college.

“They left the decision to me,” he said. “But they definitely were giving me advice and we talked a lot about what is probably the best option. I think we were all mostly on the same page that if I got the money I was asking for I would take it, but if not, I still had a very good option of going to play at Xavier University.”

Darcy had multiple college offers, but “fell in love” with the school and its campus. He also saw the trend the baseball program was going in and knew it was the right choice.

He finished his high school career playing 92 games for the Chargers with a .359 batting average and a .436 on base percentage. Darcy knocked in a total of 64 runs and scored 80 runs for Kentridge.

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