On Tuesday, December 12th at 8:25 PM Officers responded to Woodford Ave N, in the City of Kent, for reports of CPR being administered to an infant. Upon arrival police found that Puget Sound Fire and King County Medics were administering aid to the infant. Sadly, life-saving efforts were unsuccessful and the infant was pronounced dead. The infant was two and a half months old; however, he was born 6 weeks pre-mature and spent the first month in the hospital prior to being released to the care of his mother.

Through investigation it was learned that the biological mother of the infant, a 24 year old Kent resident, placed the infant on his stomach on top of a sleeping bag in a bedroom and left him unattended for at least twenty minutes while she watched television in the living room. When she returned she found him face down and not breathing.

Information during the investigation led detectives to believe the mother was reckless in the care of her infant which ultimately resulted in the infant’s death. Investigators have not yet released the mother’s name.

“This truly is a sad unfortunate case that could have been prevented,” said Commander Jarod Kasner.

Investigators are not releasing any additional details at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.

[Source: Commander Jarod Kasner, Kent Police Department]