Are you and your kids getting ‘borentined’ yet?

If so, you should consider playing ‘Kent Eco Bingo’ to celebrate Earth Month:

Fun, educational activities to do at home

City of Kent Eco Bingo

Are you looking for a fun, free, educational activity to do while staying home? Try our Kent Eco Bingo challenge to celebrate Earth Month, April 1-30! It is like regular bingo except, instead of matching numbers to your bingo card, you fill in a circle by completing the activity. Fill in 5 circles in a row to get a bingo. The Earth in the middle is a free space.

Here’s how Kent Eco Bingo works:

  1. Do the activity.
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing the activity or holding up your Kent Eco Bingo card.
  3. When you get a bingo, post your photo to our Kent Public Works Facebook page using #KentEcoBingo as a hashtag.
  4. Send us your name in Facebook Messenger, and we will send you an Eco Hero certificate signed by Mayor Dana Ralph!
  5. The first five players to post photos will also get an Eco Hero mug.

All the activities are things you can do at home or in your yard or neighborhood. If you go outside, please practice social distancing of at least 6 feet if others are outside too.

Who will post the first bingo? We can’t wait to see your pix!

Please share this post with friends or family who might enjoy Kent Eco Bingo too!

Download a PDF version of Kent Eco Bingo to start playing now.

Scott Schaefer

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