Do not give the scammers money or payment info.

Have you recently been called by someone claiming to be a King County Sheriff’s deputy telling you that you failed to show up for jury duty? Have they asked you to pay a fine over the phone in order to keep from going to jail? Be warned this is a SCAM and is NOT the King County Sheriff’s Office calling.

The King County Sheriff’s Office wants to warn you of a SCAM that has been occurring in the Seattle area over the last couple of years. Someone may call you and identify themselves as a King County deputy or detective and tell you that you failed to show up for jury duty.

Once the scammers have your attention they will threaten you with jail unless you pay a fine immediately. Usually, they will request a credit card number over the phone or ask you to go to a nearby store to purchase a gift card and then tell them the card number. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! Do not give them any money.

Fortunately most of the citizens who have called the Sheriff’s Office checking the validity of the call have not given any money to the scammers. So what should you do if you get one of these calls?  Hang-up! Yes, hang-up, says the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office would NEVER call you about a warrant and ask you to pay over the phone.  The scammers are very convincing but, DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Do not pay anyone over the phone for an alleged warrant for failing to report for jury duty.

[Source: King County Sheriff’s Office]


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