In an effort to celebrate the diverse population that has contributed to the rich vitality of Kent and Des Moines, Sound Transit recently announced that they are seeking small artwork sketches from local residents to be incorporated into their glass facade public artwork entitled Cambium:

    • The mural concept envisions a narrative synergy between the multicultural diversity of the region and the natural beauty that surrounds these communities.
    • A composition of trees and branches will form an arch that bridges South 236th Street, as a gesture that evokes notions of embrace, friendship, and crossing divides.
    • The word “cambium” refers to a ring of cells in tree branches that allow for growth, and these tree branches will visually intersect with the glass surface to reveal its cross section.
    • Just as a tree ring is a visual record of the life of a tree, our concept interprets a visual survey of the region through culturally-inspired artworks.

Selected entries will recieve a $100 stipend and a permanent label located in the station. Preference will be given to sketches that reflect a cultural significance or theme of personal interest that tells your story.

1. Create iconic imagery sketch & brief description, limit 2 entries (details below).

2. Save as a vector file or Photograph your art as a jpeg with an smartphone and good lighting 3. Email to [email protected] with subject line “FWLE Art Sketch – your name” by June 30.

Artwork paramenters:

    • Sketches may need to be redrawn by our team for production purposes and elongated into an ellipse.
    • Contained within a circle
    • Create an array with a center axis
    • Grayscale, black & white, or color
    • Vector (preferred) or photo jpeg of hand sketch

More info here:

Email questions to [email protected]

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