‘No such thing as safe injection sites’

Today, Kent City Councilmember Dana Ralph is calling upon the Kent City Council to take “immediate, direct and swift action” against heroin injection sites being located within the City of Kent.

“First of all, I want to clear up some misconceptions. There are no such things as safe injection sites, because you won’t find a medical provider anywhere that will tell you shooting up heroin is safe,” Dana Ralph said.

Dana Ralph for Mayor“I have called upon the City Council President to take action on this time sensitive and critically important issue by placing an ordinance on the agenda for the next council meeting. As a mother, small business owner, community volunteer and Councilmember ,I will not sit idly by and allow the possibility of our government condoning the usage of a deadly drug in government sanctioned areas anywhere within our City,” Ralph continued.

“I have repeatedly expressed my concern and opposition to these sites since the conversation began. As Kent’s next Mayor, I will convene a task force of service providers, mental health experts, community leaders and residents to propose an alternative plan. We have folks in crisis that have been consumed by addiction and I am committed to treating the root causes of addiction. We need to invest in mental health, crisis intervention services and treatment for those want help turning their lives around,” said Ralph.

“As Mayoral candidates, I believe we need to stand united on this issue and that the community deserves to know where we stand on something that could alter the very fabric of their community. Therefore, I call on my opponent, Councilmember Jim Berrios, to join me in opposing heroin injection sites in Kent. I hope he will work with myself and others to pass an ordinance prohibiting these sites.”

[Source: Press Release from Councilmember Dana Ralph]