Letter to the Editor by Sally McDonough

As a voter who chooses to be informed, I appreciate the Kent Reporter’s article last week regarding campaign funding. I do not want a mayor with large contributions from builders, as Jim Berrios has received. Builders use Kent as an opportunity for quick cash, and leave the city to deal with: crowded streets, over-crowded schools, and in the case of the Par 3 (which Jim Berrios voted to sell), several million dollars in drainage updates. No, the builder isn’t responsible.

I want a mayor who is vested in those of us who live in the city, not simply do business here. The office of mayor isn’t a popularity contest, it’s a difficult job.

Dana currently serves on three City of Kent Council committees: Public Safety, Public Works and Operations. She is a voting member of five or more regional boards, enabling Kent to receive their share of grant money. The boards include: Transportation Policy Board, South County Area Transportation Board, Regional Law, Safety & Justice Committee, Watershed Resource Inventory Area Board, Sound Cities Association Board and the Kent Drug Free Coalition.

Jim Berrios is NOT a voting member on ANY regional board. The position of mayor necessitates working within your community with police, fire and teachers (all of whom endorse Dana) and taking the time to reach out to the surrounding network of services.

Every year Dana Ralph has been on council, she has supported the City of Kent budget to hire 2 or 3 police officers. She recently recommended the proposal to hire more, rather than pay out copious amounts of overtime to existing officers. She brought forward the proposal for the officers to have body cams, which a majority of our officers want.

Do the math on age and what each candidate espouses to be their work/education/management experience. Dana’s resume adds up to an honest, hardworking, and Kent-first mayor. Being mayor takes time, dedication, and the willingness to embrace teamwork. She shows up. Be informed, and vote accordingly for Dana Ralph for Mayor of Kent.

Sally McDonough
Kent Resident

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