4Culture, King County’s cultural funding agency, announced that it is accepting applications for Art Projects, Heritage and Preservation Special Projects from now until March 6.

This is one of the largest grant programs 4Culture offers and King County residents are encouraged to apply. Applications submitted by King County artists, art groups, local historians and owners of historic properties will be reviewed. There will be workshops in January and February to ensure you have support every step of the way.

“4Culture is very interested in encouraging new applicants and working with as many people as possible producing arts and culture in King County.”

More info at www.4culture.org/project-grants.

Art Projects fund artists and small arts groups—from traditional to contemporary, emerging to established—who are working in all creative disciplines and genres to enhance the cultural life of King County. Last year, artist Jite Agbro received funding for the exhibit Armor Continued, a series of paintings exploring the complexities associated with status and class differences and how they are intertwined with identity. She uses her experience as a Nigeria American immigrant to highlight how we often maintain a misguided view of how to understand others and ourselves.

Heritage Projects supports work uncovering, illuminating, and sharing the rich history that is all around us in King County. Oral histories? Research? Online exhibitions? Heritage Projects can fund it all, and more. The Des Moines Historical Society received a grant for Spanish Castle magic, an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the closing of one of the region’s most fabled dance hall.

Preservation Special Project grants are designed to support efforts to preserve and safeguard a historic site or building in King County. It can fund neighborhood surveys, landmark nominations, building assessments, planning projects, educational workshops, advocacy efforts, and more. Last year, the Enumclaw Plateau Historical Society used their grant to get the Enumclaw Masonic Hall designated as a city landmark, and the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation hired a consultant to document Latino heritage sites for the Revisiting Washington website.

Contact Information

Please contact a grant manager directly with questions or to let them know they are thinking about applying.


Grant writing can be overwhelming, so 4Culture provides step-by-step guidance throughout the process as well as a series of informal workshops. No RSVP needed.

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