Kent-based magician Louie Foxx will appear on the TV show “Masters of Illusion” this Saturday night, July 16, 2022.

The CW show starts at 9 p.m. on KSTW channel 11, and can also be viewed online on Sunday, July 17 at

Here’s a commercial for this week’s show:

Here’s some info about his trick and the challenge of doing it at the taping a year ago, which is just “crackers”:

“In addition to performing around the country, I also create original magic tricks that other magicians around the world use!

“The trick that will be on Saturday’s show is a trick I created out of necessity. I was flying down to a small town in Arizona for a run of shows and my luggage was overweight, so I took out my decks of cards. I figured I could get them in the town I was performing. When I arrived, none of the stores in the town sold playing cards and the nearest city was about an hour away!

“I walked around the store and a pack of crackers caught my eye, I thought I could essentially do a card trick with crackers. Over the week of performing the card trick with crackers the act started to take shape. I learned a lot, like Ritz crackers will stain a stage, and the salt on saltine crackers make them hard to write on. I finally found the right kind of cracker and ordered a case of thousands of them…then a couple weeks later the pandemic hit and all the performing venues closed and the crackers just sat in my shed for a year…then in March of 2021 Masters of Illusion called and wanted me to do the cracker trick. The night before flying out, I went to my shed to find a tiny hole in the side of the now empty box of crackers! Mice had eaten my props!!!

“I did what any magician in mid 2021 would do…ordered a ton of bowls of soup from different restaurants to try to find the proper crackers to do the trick with! My Uber Eats bill was crazy and so was my cholesterol from all the soup, but I managed to find a restaurant that had the right cracker and made a deal with the manager of the restaurant to get enough crackers for the show.”

Here’s one of Foxx’s appearances from last season:

More info:

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