The man died this morning at the hospital.

Kent Police Officers were dispatched around 1 AM to a report of a domestic dispute, where the family stated that their 40-year-old father was intoxicated and acting strangely.

It was reported that the male had grabbed two of the young children and went to a third story window.  Family members were able to get the children back from him and call 911.

Prior to the officers arriving, the man jumped from the third story window. He then entered a nearby vacant apartment where officers were able to locate him. The male growled at the police and ranted incoherent statements about Jesus. The officers arrested the suspect without incident. However, shortly after being arrested, the man exhibited medical complications and medics who were on scene tended to him.  He was then transported to a local hospital for further treatment

This morning, police were notified that the 40-year-old man died at the hospital. The investigation is ongoing and a medical examination by the Medical Examiner’s Office is expected to identify the cause of death. There are no other details to release at this time.

[Source: Kent Police Dept.]

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