On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, Kent Mayor Dana Ralph issued the following statement reacting to recent actions by King County regarding opening a coronavirus quarantine shelter at the former Econolodge Motel:

“The Mayor is extremely disappointed in the actions today by the courts. While the Court Commissioner put additional limitations on the facility including requiring 24-hour security, we have many concerns that remain unaddressed. The county revealed their true intent today by arguing that they should be allowed to house other patients at the facility including tuberculosis, measles and hepatitis patients. They have made it clear this isn’t just about COVID-19.

“We are also disappointed in the actions yesterday by the King County Council. A councilmember offered a budget amendment that would require County Council approval to use the facility for anything other than COVID-19. That amendment failed having only received the support of two councilmembers and we thank them for their effort.

“We understand we have a role to play in responding to this public health crisis. However, we remain disappointed in the approach and actions taken by the King County government.”

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Scott Schaefer

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