Apply by September 1, 2017

As part of its efforts to foster strong and healthy neighborhoods, the city of Kent’s application period for Neighborhood Matching Grants is open until Sept 1.  Designed to stimulate community projects, grants are available to groups of residents who have formed Neighborhood Councils.

“The Neighborhood Matching Grant Fund is a component of Kent’s Neighborhood Program, where residents are encouraged to work together to make improvements to their neighborhoods, develop a sense of community, and build relationships with each other,” said Toni Azzola, Kent’s Neighborhood Program Coordinator. “The Matching Grant gives residents a little extra incentive to do that.”

Azzola encourages residents to use their imaginations and says projects eligible for grant funding can include such things as signage for neighborhood entrances, landscaping for traffic circles, retention ponds, or planting of trees or shrubs, murals, community gardens, kiosks or bus shelters.

“Residents often tell me they’d like to do a project but have lacked the resources to get it accomplished. These grant funds provide some financial assistance and help them to make a difference in their neighborhoods,” Azzola said.

Neighborhood Matching Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Community contribution of volunteer labor, professional services or cash is “matched” by a 50 percent grant.

Grant projects are evaluated by a grant review team and selected based on criteria including neighborhood participation, benefit to the public, planning, scope of work and maintenance of the project after it is completed.

“Over the past few years, some great projects were funded. I look forward to seeing another round of applications this year and I’m excited about helping Neighborhood Councils achieve their goals,” Azzola said.

Matching grant applications are due Friday, Sept. 1. Only recognized Neighborhood Councils are eligible to apply.

For information on forming a Neighborhood Council or to obtain a Matching Grant application, visit or call Toni Azzola at 253-856-5708.