This week, Kent Patrol Officers from Sergeant Clark’s crew responded to a welfare check at an apartment complex on the East Hill around 9 p.m.

Police said that a woman called 911 requesting help but did not provide details. During the call, she mentioned a vehicle in the parking lot. Upon arrival, officers spotted the vehicle, occupied by a 23-year-old Kent man.

As officers approached, the man exited the vehicle with a silver knife in hand, yelling for the officers to shoot him and ignoring commands to drop the knife. After repeated requests, he eventually dropped the knife but then pulled out a second knife from his waistband, again demanding that the officers kill him. The officers maintained their distance and cover, managing to get him to drop the second knife, which they kicked away. However, the man then pulled out a third knife and claimed he was hearing voices.

Officers convinced him to drop the third knife but he continued to advance. Fearing he might have more weapons and with the man refusing to comply, officers warned him that he would be tased if he continued to approach. When he did not comply, they used a Taser to safely take him into custody.

After the incident, the man’s mother informed officers of his ongoing mental health issues, which had intensified that day. She expressed her desire for her son to receive help. The man, who was actively suicidal and destructive, was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

“Great job by Officers Dale and A. Rankin for keeping cool heads, using de-escalation techniques, keeping good cover, and having a less then lethal option ready and available when de-escalating failed,” police said. “The man, his mom, the neighbors, and Officers are all safe because of the training and calm heads they brought to this chaotic scene.”

Anyone feeling suicidal is urged to seek help immediately. For those in crisis, call the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988. In immediate danger, call 911.

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