On November 2, 2017 at approximately 8:03 am, Kent patrol units responded to Golden Kent Motel where witnesses reported to 911 that a man had shot another man at that location. Kent Police were on the scene within moments and discovered that the shooter had already fled and left the scene in a silver or gray 4 door sedan.

Officers searched the area for the suspect but were unsuccessful in locating him. The suspect and believed driver of the sedan were caught on surveillance video, while at the location.

Investigators worked tirelessly on this case, corroborating information they received, and were able to positively identify the two male suspects involved; 50 year old Stonney Marcus Rivers and 47 year old Theneious Swafford.

Stonney Marcus Rivers has extensive criminal history and was recently released from Department of Corrections supervision. Rivers also received Clemency, from Governor Chris Gregoire in 2013, having his life sentence (under the Persistent Offender Accountability Act or “Three Strikes Law”) commuted. He was subsequently released from prison in 2015.

Theneious Swafford also has an extensive criminal history and was currently under supervision by the Department of Corrections.

Both have been arrested in this case and charged with Murder in the first degree.

[Source: Commander Jarod Kasner, Kent Police Department]

Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

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