Early Friday morning, May 10, 2024, Kent Police officers collaborated with King County Sheriff’s Office Deputies (KCSO) in an operation that led to the apprehension of suspects involved in a stolen vehicle pursuit.

The incident, which unfolded around 5 a.m. Friday morning, showcased the effective partnership between law enforcement agencies in South King County.

According to reports, King County Deputies were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle that had been used in an armed robbery in Seattle the day before approaching Kent city limits. Kent Officers were promptly notified and responded to the area, standing ready to assist. The pursuit culminated in the suspects abandoning the vehicle in a parking lot at the 25000 block of 104th Ave SE (map below).

Subsequently, a foot chase ensued, resulting in the detention of two suspects while others attempted to flee. A Kent Officer saw two suspects jump a fence into Kent-Meridian High School, and King County K9 came to track from that jump location. Two suspects heard the K9 announcements and gave themselves up to the Officers.

Acknowledging the crucial role played by Kent Police, a letter of appreciation was received by Chief Rafael Padilla from the supervising KCSO sergeant (read it below). The letter commended the professionalism and swift response of Kent Officers, emphasizing their integral part in resolving the incident.

The successful collaboration underscores the importance of inter-agency cooperation in combating crime across city boundaries. Kent Police expressed gratitude for the support of King County Sheriff’s Office and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring community safety through collaborative efforts.

Below is a portion of the letter from the KCSO Sergeant that was sent to Chief Padilla about the assistance Kent PD provided on this incident.

“Upon my arrival at the scene, I was greeted by Kent PD Sergeant M. Levi. He had mobilized all of his patrol Officers to search for the suspects and establish a perimeter. SGT Levi’s meticulous setup of a tight perimeter was instrumental in containing the scene. SGT Levi and his team remained on the scene, providing continuous assistance and support until the operation was successfully concluded.

“Chief Padilla, your team’s swift response was crucial when KCSO needed assistance. They acted with speed and professionalism and performed at a high level. On behalf of myself and the KCSO Deputies involved….I express our deepest gratitude. Kent PD’s outstanding partnership and teamwork were instrumental in successfully resolving this incident.”

Kent Police added:

“Criminals cross boundaries, and because they do, we work together with our law enforcement partners to get them into custody. We know that the criminal who stole a car in another city and then dumps it in a neighboring city will steal another and/or commits additional crimes where it’s dumped. We are thankful for the continued support of King County Sheriff’s Office and all our neighboring agencies and always happy return the favor and lend a hand, or this case several hands, when they need us. It helps to keep all our streets safe.”

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