Kent Police Officers recently collaborated with the Kent Target store on another retail theft emphasis, resulting in eight arrests and the recovery of $3,825.15 worth of stolen merchandise.

Police say that this was the department’s third successful retail theft collaboration in the past year.

“Your KPD Patrol Officers have been the driving force in setting up these stings, as a response to the overwhelming amount of retail theft occurring in their districts,” Kent Police said. “There were no injuries to Officers or suspects during the emphasis. One suspect did try to flee on foot, but he wasn’t successful.”

Police say that the Kent Target has been experiencing a substantial amount of theft on a weekly basis, with some suspects so brazen that they calmly walk out of the store with hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise in their carts. Many of the suspects are repeat offenders, with some of them hitting our local stores for thousands of dollars of merchandise in a week, over and over again.

“Thank you Target for teaming up with us to help fight this ongoing problem,” police added. “Thank you to the Officers who are proactively looking for creative ways to network with our residents and businesses to impact this ongoing issue.”

Police added that they won’t say where or when, but they will be back at another location soon.

Below are photos of recent theft suspects provided by Kent PD:

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