Kent Police are warning residents of a recent, yet somewhat legit looking scam text/email that’s been spreading recently:

Tis the Season to Scam

Kent, we want to make you aware of a recent, and somewhat legit looking, scam text/email you may receive. Many of us here have already seen it. The graphics are good and it almost fooled a few of us so please keep reading.

You get a notice from USPS saying the have a problem with your mailing address. The communication looks legit on the face of it, the link seems to go to a page that is shockingly similar to the actual site. It states you need enter a correct address, and that you will be charged $1.99/day for a package that they are “storing” for you, because your address was wrong by the sender…OR… they want an additional $3.00 delivery fee. They want you to click on their links to see the issue and to pay.

Stop right there. Back Out. It’s a Scam.

They want your info and will promptly start using your credit/debit card info to quickly stack up charges.

This is a great time for this scam. Everyone is ordering online, and not all packages are delivered when we expect them. Scammers know this and prey on your fear. If you are really concerned about a purchase, call the seller, or contact the legit mailing site as they usually have tracking options. Do NOT enter your info. Whatever is in that box you’re waiting for, isn’t worth having someone empty out your account.

There are more scams out there. They all have a few things in common:

The email/text asks you to click a link/send money/put in personal info or all three

There is a threat in the email/text-in this case threat of not receiving your package or paying ‘storage’ fees

They create an urgency to handle it ‘immediately’

These are big red flags. Deal directly with your banks, stores and other places where you enter your info. Don’t hit on links you don’t know. Be vigilant. Help each other out and spread the word.

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Scott Schaefer

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