Kent School District Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts gave his first quarter update this week.

Here’s more from the district:

“As our first quarter of the school year comes to an end, Superintendent Dr. Calvin J. Watts takes several minutes to thank our staff and provide you, our KSD community, an update on just some of the work taking place to support a safe and successful school year.”

You can also read about some important upcoming events and this important letter below to our community about the election in this month’s Watts Happening available on Peachjar.

Dear KSD Community,

On Tuesday, our country and the KSD Community voiced their collective opinion in the democratic process to select our future leaders and make decisions on important ballot measures at the local, state, and federal levels.

The Kent School District has 130 home languages, and 67% of our students are students of color. We have gender non-conforming students and students whose interests align with our society’s gender norms. 12.1% of our students need additional supports and services through an active IEP to be more successful. Our students come from families with different political beliefs and may have different feelings about this election outcome.

Our school district is a snapshot of this country across 72 square miles serving over 25,000 students. We are faced with the extraordinary task of creating an inclusive environment that celebrates and honors all of these differences. We strive to get better at that every single day.

We know that students, families, and staff will have different reactions to Tuesday’s election outcome. We honor our democratic values and traditions, and we will carry on with our mission to successfully prepare all students for their futures. I want to assure you that the Kent School District remains invested in all of our students regardless of ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation. Similarly, we remain committed to leading age-appropriate, non-biased classroom discussions as ‘teachable moments’ arise. We will not tolerate acts of bullying, harassment, and intimidation. We are dedicated to addressing any ‘teachable moments’ in a way that we become stronger in living out our core value of equity within our schools.

In partnership and service,
Dr. Calvin J. Watts
Kent School District

Scott Schaefer

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