Donated eyeglasses came from thousands of pairs left on buses & trains.

Yesterday Metropolitan King County Councilmember Peter von Reichbauer donated thousands of pairs of eyeglasses to the Auburn Lions Club and the Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center (LERC) program. The eyeglasses were orphaned pairs left on Metro Transit King County buses, trains and at Park and Rides. The glasses had previously been sent to Metro’s Lost and Found department, but have never been claimed.

Metropolitan King County Council member Pete von Reichbauer donates thousands of pairs of eyeglasses from Metro Transit’s Lost & Found.

“Too often, the ability to see clearly is taken for granted,” said von Reichbauer in a press release. “Whether through helping a child read, an adult succeed in her job, or a senior maintain his independence, the small act of recycling these lost glasses turns the misfortune of one into the fortune of another.”

“Councilmembers von Reichbauer has been consistent in his care for his communities,” said Auburn Lions Club member Pete Lewis. “Our thanks go to the Councilmember and all the Metro bus drivers that will make a difference in hundreds of lives.”

Dana Neuts

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