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Larry Hussey is running for Kent City Council Position No. 6 in the 2021 election, against incumbent Brenda Fincher.

Here’s his announcement statement:

In Kent, we have a culture of protecting each other. We protect each other from 5G frequencies and Marijuana shops; plus planes, trains, and automobiles. I like to call myself the man who quieted Kent, because I worked with Boeing Field, Renton Airport, and the US Federal Railroad Administration to report loud air and rail traffic traveling over and through our city. (Alyssa Dean is my contact in King County Airports). I was going to represent Kent in the King County International Airport Roundtable Advisory Committee when I was suddenly told Kent was not served by that committee. I also added East Hill to the King County crow control program.

I have been a warehouse worker for both BFI5 and BFI6 Amazon locations in Kent Valley in the past. I stayed in a motel while I was at BFI5, and that is how I know we need more motels and/or hotels here in Kent. I think a night at a motel should cost less than 8 hours of minimum wage pay, otherwise the community is not served. How else is someone supposed to move here? Plus, we lost a motel, as you know, so maybe the state owes us a new one.

Customer Service and Civil Service have been the most significant parts of my life. I served in the US Environmental Protection Agency for three years as a clerk, like Harvey Pekar. Then I worked in two different shoe store chains before landing in US West Cellular customer service. That company eventually became Verizon, which is one of the most evil companies in the world now. I am anti-monopoly, so I do not like Verizon’s monopoly on 5G technology. I also do not like Visa Corp’s monopoly on bank debit cards, MasterCard’s monopoly on cash reload cards, or AstraZeneca’s former monopoly on asthma medication. That last one is because I have asthma.

After that, I studied and got a license to be a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, but I did not pursue that career. I have been combining temp jobs and day trading for a career since then.

I grew up in Spokane. That is where I found my love of urban hiking. I am the oldest child of two, so I am protective by nature. I got my Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Washington State University in 1991. I also earned an Advanced Leader Certificate from Toastmasters International. I was the District Governor of District 2 of Toastmasters during the 2001-2002 term. That is where I grew my love of leadership.

My “stupid statement” is this: I am anti-marijuana, stupid. This is why I would never be a Democrat. I am ashamed to be in Adam Smith’s district. I am also anti-monopoly, so I would never be a Republican. I have been approved by the Federal Elections Commission to run for US Senate. That means I could run or be appointed to the US Senate if I formed an election committee.

Scott Schaefer

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