On March 4, King County Metro released a survey to gather feedback from communities on the transportation needs of Renton, Kent and Auburn.

Metro is working to improve the transit network serving these communities and expand RapidRide bus service to this area.

The survey closes March 29.

Metro is developing an Area Mobility Plan in south King County, including Renton, Kent, Auburn and surrounding areas that will map out future transit options for communities within the Green River Valley and East Hill. The plan will integrate a new RapidRide line, which currently runs on six lines across King County with service up to 20 percent faster than traditional bus service. The plan will also include local bus service, dial-a-ride transit (DART) buses, and Metro’s Community Connections Program, which provides cost-effective transportation options in areas that are not set up to support typical bus service.

Metro is talking with area communities to learn and understand their needs and priorities for the new RapidRide service and other mobility solutions. Input will help Metro make decisions about:

    • Changes to existing transit routes and services
    • The new RapidRide route (I Line)
    • Other projects that improve safety for all kinds of travel in the area
    • Other projects that improve access to transit by making it easier, safer, or more convenient to get to—or wait for—the bus

In summer and fall 2019, Metro will present the communities with its proposals for new service and RapidRide I Line routing, and plans to finalize recommendations for the Area Mobility Plan in winter 2019.

Some changes as a result of this plan will go into effect in September 2020, with plans to launch the RapidRide I Line service in 2023.

How does the community get involved?

  • Take Metro’s Renton-Kent-Auburn Area Mobility Plan survey.

As Metro plans for future increases in its service offerings, we want to know more about how you use transit in the area today and what changes you’d like to see. The survey is available in multiple languages and can be accessed here.

  • Talk with us in your community.

We’ll be hosting information tables around the area this spring where you can ask questions and fill out our survey. The calendar is on our website.

  • Join our Renton-Kent-Auburn Area Mobility Board.

We’re seeking community members who live, work and travel within the area to advise Metro about service change concepts and proposals and ways to engage with the community. Apply here.

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