November 2016 Election Vote Totals as of 5:15 AM PST, Nov. 9

Presidential Election: Donald Trump

Donald Trump, Republican, won the presidential election with 276 electoral votes, compared to Hillary Clinton’s 218, according to the Associated Press as of 5:19 AM PST, Nov. 9, 2016. There are still 44 electoral votes still available, but not enough to get Clinton to the required 270 votes. Currently, Clinton is winning the popular vote.

[Note: Different news sources are estimating different counts of electoral votes, but there is not a scenario in which Clinton could win.]

November 2016 General Election Results


In Washington State, Hillary Clinton won 72.68% of the vote, while Donald Trump took 20.9% of the vote. The remainder of voters split their votes among Independent candidates, per King County Elections.

Washington Governor’s Race: Jay Inslee

Incumbent Jay Inslee (Democrat) retained his seat with 70.13% of the vote. Republican Bill Bryant received 29.72% of the vote.

Washington Lieutenant Governor: Cyrus Habib

Cyrus Habib, Democrat, won the seat with 71.76% of the vote, compared to Marty McClendon, Republican, who received 28.05% of the vote.

Washington Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski

Democrat Tina Podlodowski won the Secretary of State, unseating current Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, Republican.

Washington State Treasurer: Duane Davidson

Duane Davidson, Republican, won the State Treasurer’s office with 60.34% of the vote, winning over Michael Waite, Republican, who had 37.96% of the vote.

Washington State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy

Democrat Pat McCarthy took the State Auditor’s with a sizable lead – 65.73% of the vote – against Mark Miloscia, Republican, who received 34.15% of the vote.

Washington Attorney General: Bob Ferguson

Democrat Bob Ferguson retains his seat as Washington Attorney General with 80.45% of the vote over Libertarian Joshua B. Trumbull who received just 19.35% of the vote.

Kent School District Bond (Proposition 1) Passed

After narrowly being rejected this spring, Prop. 1 passed with a comfortable margin in yesterday’s election. With the passage of the $252 million bond, Kent School District can work on its extensive list of projects (click here for complete list).

Kent School District Bond Proposal Passes








For a complete list of election results in Washington State, visit King County Elections online.


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