Have you ever wondered what to do if a sudden disaster hits, and Noodles the cat is wandering around, and you want to know what you need? Well, thanks to King County Animal Care and Control, you now can be prepared!

Here’s what you need:

  • Animal crates or carriers (a.k.a. a place to keep Noodles nice and safe)
  • Pet food (a one or two week supply will normally do. Include a spoon or dish if that’s what you need to dish out the goods to Noodles)
  • Water (a one or two week supply as well, stored in gallon-sized containers.)
  • Cleaning supplies (to clean the crates or carriers)
  • Cat litter (in case Noodles needs to do his/her business)
  • Paperwork (you’ll need the vaccine records/medical history, veterinary information, proof of ownership/animal information, and a list of emergency contacts)
  • Photographs (in case Noodles goes missing)
  • Medication (if your pet needs it)
  • Spare/extra collars, harnesses/leashes
  • Bedding or pet blankets
  • Identification tags
  • Grooming supplies
  • Toys (just choose one or two favorites)
  • Pet first-aid kit (sterile gauze pads, gauze bandage rolls, first aid adhesive tape, cotton swabs, tweezers, scissors, plastic freezer/sandwich bags, small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide, styptic pencil or cornstarch, antibacterial ointment, antiseptic cleansing wipes, Kaopectate or Pepto Bismol, a current pet first aid book, eyewash, eyedropper, mineral oil, leather work gloves, latex gloves, leash, thin rope, splint materials)

Don’t worry, Noodles, we’ve got you covered!