Peter and I stopped by Nazes the other evening since I’d been hankering for Fish & Chips. I’d seen the signs for Nazes Seafood several times over the years, and the “Aussie style” description had me intrigued. Now, I spent a week on camelback in Australia once, followed by wallowing in bat guano at Capricorn Caverns… but I didn’t think that’s what Naz meant by “Aussie style.”

I was correct.

One of the cool things about Nazes is that you get to pick your fish. You can go with the standard house fish (genuine Australian whiting!) or choose your own filets from the cooler at local market price. I went with the fresh cod.

Another cool thing is your choice of accompaniment for your fish. You can choose from the house aussie-style chips (larger than standard french fries) or go for broke with Aussie-style “potato scallops”–length-cut full-potato slices that are out of this world when deep-fried in Nazes batter.

Of course, you have to love deep-fried when you eat at Nazes. But that’s fish & chips, right?

I asked Naz what makes the prep Aussie-style when I was there for a quick snack yesterday. She said it’s the batter–made fresh daily, and without egg or beer. It’s the real thing, with real Australian care and ingredients, and cooked at the right temperatures with clean oil.

Naz hails from Melbourne, so she knows what she’s doing. She and her husband have been running Nazes for almost exactly 10 years now, and it’s obvious she not only knows what she’s doing–she loves doing it, too.

The menu is also full of other great things to try–deep-fried oreos, banana and pineapple fritters, halal rotisserie chicken, Aussie pies, and fish tacos. Your made-to-order counter-service food will be hot, and prepped with personal attention.

One note, though… if you go on a freezing or sub-freezing day, dress warmly! It’s hard to keep the shop warm in the winter.

Nazes is at 26220 116th Ave SE, right next to the Chevron at Kent-Kangley. It’s open 7 days a week, 11-8, 12-6 on Sunday.

I highly recommend it.