On Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021, Puget Sound Fire is launching a new mobile COVID-19 vaccination program to help protect at-risk individuals in local Adult Family Homes, including in Kent.

The program will launch with one unit, and will build to a total of 4-6 teams staffed with firefighters, paramedics, and nurses.

The immediate goal is for each of the teams to vaccinate residents of four Adult Family Homes each day.

Puget Sound Fire will partner with King County Public Health, King County Medic One, and firefighters from across south King County.

The program will initially serve Adult Family Homes in the City of Kent, then will expand to include Adult Family Homes in the rest of the Puget Sound Fire response area, including the cities of SeaTac, Covington, Maple Valley, and unincorporated Fire Districts 37 and 43.

The program will also expand to serve larger long-term care facilities in addition to Adult Family Homes throughout south King County.

The first team, consisting of a Puget Sound Fire nurse and a King County Medic One paramedic, will be visiting two Adult Family Homes on Thursday, Jan. 21.

“Puget Sound Fire is proud to be a partner in protecting the wellness of the communities we serve,” said Chief Matt Morris. “Today, that means Covid-19 testing and vaccinations, in addition to our traditional emergency response role. Our CARES program, employing nurses focused on community health and wellness, leaves us well positioned to meet this urgent need.”

Puget Sound Fire has been a leader in the fight against COVID-19, establishing the first mass testing facility in south King County. Transitioning to vaccine distribution is the next step in helping to improve the health and safety of our communities as we all work together to address the impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Photos courtesy Puget Sound Fire & City of Kent

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