Kent Police Officers apprehended a dangerous suspect on Monday night, May 20, 2024 after a dramatic encounter with suspects by a Security Guard at an apartment complex in the 11300 block of SE Kent Kangley Road (map below).

Just before midnight, police said that a Security Guard spotted a stolen vehicle and three individuals attempting to flee, and contacted Kent Police. The guard, a 29-year-old Federal Way man, had told them that no one was leaving in the vehicle because it was stolen, and he was waiting for the Police to arrive.

He bravely confronted the three, leading to a struggle. One suspect, an 18-year-old SeaTac man, did not want to be captured, and physically fought with the guard. The suspect then pushed a gun into the guard’s chest. The guard slapped the gun away, forcing it to fall to the ground. The suspect disengaged when disarmed and fled on foot.

Police said that the suspect ran away so fast he came out of his shoes, leaving them behind at the scene like some kind of cartoon character.

During the Police investigation, the guard saw the suspect who had snuck back onto the property. Kent Officers immediately set a protective perimeter and called out an Auburn K9 team to search. While K9 was tracking, a Kent Officer deployed a drone and was able to give directive info to assist the ground Patrol units and K9 team. K9 located the suspect on 116th, and he was taken into custody. He was later transported to King County Jail. Kent Detectives continued the investigation and later filed a felony case for Assault 2 and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 1st degree, after confirming he was ineligible to possess a firearm.

“We want to give a big thank you to the guard who kept his cool, gave great descriptions and immediately notified Officers when he spotted the suspect lurking nearby,” Kent Police said. “Thank you to the several witnesses who also came forward to help us with identifying the suspect and providing evidence of the altercation. And…thank you to Auburn WA Police Department for the loan of their K9 team. Good catch!”

“Great job by the Kent Patrol Crew ensuring the safety of the community and the search teams while getting this bad guy into custody.”

Scott Schaefer

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