Workers at Blue Origin are volunteering to produce face shield components to help combat the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

“To help the shortage of face shields needed for frontline healthcare workers combating the COVID-19 crisis across the country, we’ve dedicated 25 of our additive manufacturing machines to 3D print visors used for face shields,” the company said. “Our machines are running 24 hours per day, seven days per week. We are producing daily shipments of the visors to our supply partner, Stratasys, who is distributing them to hospitals in need around the country.”

This initiative started organically within the company as engineers and machinists were looking for ways to help. The Blue Origin team members currently supporting this effort work on the BE-4 engine development and are volunteering their time for this endeavor. To ensure effective social distancing measures, we are requiring that only one volunteer work in the area at a time.

“Blue Origin wants to thank every doctor, nurse, first responder and medical staff on the frontlines combating COVID-19.”

Scott Schaefer

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