On Monday afternoon, Aug. 27, a ribbon was cut to celebrate a new ‘Hands of Unity’ mural on the west exterior wall of Around the Clock near the intersection of 6th and Meeker Street (map below).

The ribbon cutting was performed by Artist Susan Bagrationoff and Kent Mayor Dana Ralph, with support from numerous local businesspeople and art fans.

Susan originally proposed the idea to the Kent Downtown Partnership as a way to help celebrate the diversity of Kent.

Susan’s idea was to paint a mural which included several hands overlapping each other, painted in a exciting variety of colors and symbols.

Suzanne Cameron, Design Chair, and Susan, Artist, and Art Committee Chair, met with Barb Smith of the KDP and asked that she apply for a grant to help with the cost of creating the mural. Barb approached Toni Azzola, Coordinator of the city’s Neighborhood Program. Toni thought this project would fit within the guidelines of the criteria for their grant program and encouraged Barb to apply.

Barb presented the grant to Toni’s committee and it was approved.

“It was very helpful having Toni’s committee review the grant as there was very good advice on the type of product to use,” Barb said. “We are thrilled today to have Mayor Dana Ralph with us and we would like to invite her to say a few words and help cut the ribbon.”

Here’s raw video of the ribbon cutting as broadcast on our Facebook page (be sure to “Like” us here to get alerts for future live local videos):

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