Hello, fans and followers of iLoveKent.net!

Thank you for visiting the newly redesigned iLoveKent.net. We’ve been around in one form or another since 2007, and we’ve gone through a few transformations. It was time for a new look, and now that we know our readers better, it was time to streamline the site a little to make content easier to find. We wanted the site to be more visually appealing, easier to navigate and to be responsive to different devices (e.g., desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

However, it is not perfect, and we are still tweaking the design, menus and features of the site. Please be patient as we make changes, and as we update pages and posts. One major change we made was deleting old posts dating back to the original site. Many were event driven and no longer relevant, so we removed them to make the site easier to navigate.

This will impact our searchability on Google, but we hope that will change over time and that you’ll eventually be able to search for “Kent, Washington” and we’ll appear magically at the top of Google.

As we continue to edit and evolve, please share your candid feedback with us. Tell us what you like, what you love, what you hate and what we could do differently. We want this site to be user friendly, family friendly and to serve the Kent community in the best way possible. We typically don’t cover breaking news (other news outlet have the resources to do that, but we don’t), but we share relevant news, events, nonprofit news and other community related happenings.

As before, we receive some advertising revenue from local businesses, but the majority of iLoveKent.net is not supported directly by revenue. Instead, we donate our time and our own funds to support the site. We do our best to stay on top of things. For those times we can’t, we hope you’ll share news on our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – or with us directly so we can spread the word.

iLoveKent.net is really a site by the community for the community. Thank you for reading!


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Dana Neuts, Publisher

Dana Neuts

I am a full-time freelance writer, editor, marketing pro and the publisher of iLoveKent.net.