After nearly two weeks of clearing, cleaning and installation work by its Road Services Division, King County on Friday, Nov. 17, 2023 announced completion of the “Cleaning and No Parking” safety project in the unincorporated area of Green River Road and 94th Place South.

The work reinforces that vehicles are prohibited from parking illegally in the right-of-way. The road reopened to traffic Friday at noon.

It was originally scheduled to reopen Nov. 22.

Portions of these roads were closed on Monday, Nov. 6 to start work on a safety improvement project to address the ongoing issue of illegal parking and litter.

This project is intended to enhance safety in the surrounding area. During the past week and a half, the county removed 100 tons of trash, litter, and debris, and secured the road right-of-way area, which includes the paved road surface and approximately 10 to 20 feet beyond. Barriers, fencing, and “No Parking” signs also were installed. To maintain public safety in the right-of-way, the Road Services Division installed:

King County provided access to an offsite temporary parking lot for people living in vehicles who were displaced by this project. Restrooms, handwashing stations, dumpsters, and outreach services also were provided.

“Illegally parked vehicles, trash, and litter threatened safety for drivers and those living in the area, as well as those experiencing homelessness. Safety for everyone involved is our goal,” said Local Services Director John Taylor.

“We’ve been working closely with our partners within the county to make sure people living in vehicles/RVs alongside the road could safely move and be connected to resources. And it doesn’t stop here. Our plan is to continue to work collaboratively through the winter to maintain the safety of this road corridor.”

In summer 2023, the King County Council approved supplemental budget funding to restore the area along Green River Road and 94th Place South.


Below are before and after photos of the cleanup:

Before and after photos of the intersection of Green River Road and 94th Place South:

Before and after photos looking west on 94th Place South:

Before and after photos along 94th Place South:

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  1. Glad the cleaned that mess up. There was some guy foraging in the dumpster at my condo. Porch pirates have been active, too.

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