Project construction is expected to begin on the S. 277th Street bridge between SR 167 and I-5 in Kent (map below) during the week of July 26, 2021.

Work will continue through November 2021.

    • This project replaces the 70-year-old S. 277th Street Bridge No. 3126 over Mullen Slough with a four-sided concrete box culvert.
    • The 16-foot-long bridge is located on a four-lane principal arterial road that connects Interstate 5 to State Route 167 in Kent and Federal Way.
    • King County says that the existing S. 277th Street Bridge is load-restricted and unable to support certain types of large trucks including some types of fire engines used by adjacent fire districts, full-size garbage trucks, dump trucks, and concrete mixers.
    • The replacement culvert will provide unrestricted access for all vehicles.
    • It will also provide environmental enhancements by improving fish passage and removing creosote timber pilings from Mullen Slough.
    • S. 277th Street at this location has a traffic volume of about 23,000 vehicles per day, of which 2,600 vehicles are trucks carrying an estimated 4 to 10 million tons of freight per year.
    • This road is a designated county snow/ice route, lifeline route, and Green River Valley flood evacuation route.
    • Due to high average daily traffic on S. 277th, and unfavorable detour routes, the existing bridge will remain open with travel lane reductions through the construction zone.

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