Meet the Artists

On Thursday, February 23 the Interurban Center for the Arts will host ‘Be Artful,’ an annual fundraiser that raises money for art docent programs in local elementary schools, including 15 Kent schools. At this year’s event, participants will get the opportunity to create their own art with the guidance of three local artists. Learn more about the event here.

Meet this year’s artists.

Wen Qian Chua:

Coffee Painting by Wen Quian ChuaWen Qian Chua, this year’s featured artist, is eighteen years old and of Malaysian Chinese descent. She has painted since the age of five, and coffee is her favorite pigment. She has a great passion for the arts and currently works as a freelance artist for Interurban Center for the Arts (ICA) while pursuing an Associate of Arts degree from Green River College.

Artist Statement:

“Art is a language. I use form and color instead of letters and numbers to communicate. Every piece has its own story, and the beautiful part is, each and every one of us perceives the story differently; each person connects to the artist at various levels while looking at an artwork. I communicate with the viewer by sharing my stories which show how I perceive the world.”

Alice Kares

Alice is an artist living in the Auburn, WA area. She is also a Green River College, Fine Arts student working toward becoming a college art teacher. She has worked with the Interurban Center For The Arts as an art docents for two years. She helped spearhead a successful afterschool art club at Auburn’s Olympic Middle School, and she is a dedicated and tireless advocate for the arts.

Artist statement: 

“Art has been very accepting and patient of me. “

Painting by Alice Kares
Painting by Alice Kares







Miranda Ward:

Painting by Miranda Ward
Painting by Miranda Ward

Miranda Ward, an Auburn native, started taking her art seriously during her senior year of high school. She is currently working on her Fine Arts degree at GRC and plans on attending a four-year college in Washington. Miranda’s mother, a more traditional artist, along with high school and GRC instructors have been a huge inspiration in her art journey. Ward’s favorite art style historically would be impressionists such as Monet. Her favorite art styles are painting, drawing and design.

Artist statement:

“Practice makes perfect, no particular piece is better or more valuable just because I spent more time on it…behind every masterpiece are hundreds if not thousands of not-so-great efforts.”

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