The first round of results are in for Tuesday’s (Aug. 3, 2021) Primary Election, and early returns for the one Kent City Council primary race (Position No. 6) favor Brenda Fincher and Larry Hussey.

Please note that these are just the first returns; historically results can change as more votes are tallied.


Ballots Counted: 8,635

* Registered Voters: 71,603 • 12.06 %

Totals shown by Votes • Percentage

City of Kent Council Position No. 6:

    • Brenda Fincher*: 6202• 77.42%
    • Larry Hussey: 1085 • 13.54%
    • Bradley Cairnes: 594 • 7.41∞
    • Write-in: 130 • 1.62%


The next round of results will be released Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 4.

Final results will be certified by King County Elections on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

Scott Schaefer

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