Congratulations to all the Kent scholars!

[Corrections in total made June 2, 2017]

Last week five local organizations – the Kent Community Foundation (KCF), Rotary Club of Kent, Kent Area Council PTSA, Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise and Denali Federal Credit Union – awarded 34 Kent students with scholarships for post-secondary education totaling $52,050. Four students won more than one scholarship, and seven students, marked with an asterisk, received repeat scholarships.

Scholarship Winner Scholarship Name
Sierra Hill Thunderbirds Community Sports Foundation
Anthony Raftis Thunderbirds Community Sports Foundation*
Trey Torr Thunderbirds Community Sports Foundation
Ashly Putas Covington Chamber of Commerce
Ashley Hendrickson Richard and Ina Balash
Haley VonGoedert Linda Ruby
Shelby Greget* Linda Ruby
Jaleen Roberts Linda Ruby, Rob Osborne and Kent Area Council PTSA
Emily Sugimoto Linda Ruby and Kent Area Council PTSA
Natalie Newsome* Linda Ruby
Tiffany Miller Linda Ruby
Samantha Tate Linda Ruby
Deidra Dabelstein* Linda Ruby
Shylaja Rose Reed Friends of Kent-Meridian
Carolyn Phung Johnson-Osness-Stoddard Family
Madison Sippel Johnson-Osness-Stoddard Family
Ammara Touch Johnson-Osness-Stoddard Family and Kent Area Council PTSA
Ashley Hendrickson Kent Chamber of Commerce
Tiffany Wong Bob Armstrong
Madelyn Cayton Denali Federal Credit Union
Avry Freaney Kent Area Council PTSA
Rachel Canning Kent Area Council PTSA
Conner Ledbetter Kent Area Council PTSA
Elizabeth Seekar Kent Area Council PTSA
Vaea Uinise Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise
Bernadette Sheran Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise
Gurleen Toor Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise and Rotary Club of Kent
Michael Javelli Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise
Hannah Bachmeier Rotary Club of Kent
Karen Garrido Rotary Club of Kent
Erica Payton* Rotary Club of Kent
Nathan Miller* Rotary Club of Kent
Tyler Vincent Rozell* Rotary Club of Kent
Steven Duong* Rotary Club of Kent

The selected students represented five different Kent high schools: Kentwood, Kentridge, Kentlake, Kent-Meridian and the Kent Phoenix Academy. Representatives from all five organizations, students, parents and members of the community attended to congratulate the students on their achievements.

“For Kent Rotary, founded in 1958, and serving the community for almost 60 years, providing scholarships for Kent area students has been a central and consistent focus of our work. The $10,000 in scholarships Kent Rotary awarded for students to pursue career focused programs at local community and technical colleges is more than money for college. It recognizes the hard work of the students and aims to develop future leaders. It has been humbling and inspiring to present these awards alongside some great Kent organizations to a broad and diverse group of Kent students,” said Josh Gerstman, development director, Green River College Foundation, and Kent Rotary, vocational scholarship committee.

“Kent Area Council PTSA supports the well-being and education of children in the Kent School District through a variety of programs including the Clothing Bank, Cinderella Closet and our scholarship program. KAC PTSA’s scholarship program provides scholarships to those Kent School District students who excel in the following criteria: academic achievement, school and community involvement, demonstrated abilities, motivation and plans for the future as well as demonstrate a financial need. This year we awarded $7500 in scholarships to 7 different KSD students representing five of the high schools in the district. It is indeed an honor to support some of the best in the Kent School District,” said Tania Skinner for Kent Area Council PTSA.

“This is the third year in a row that we’ve partnered with other community organizations to award scholarships to students in the Kent School District,” said Kent Community Foundation president Dana Neuts. “We are excited to add Denali Federal Credit Union to the event this year and look forward to growing this event in support of secondary education.”

For more information about the Kent Community Foundation, or to learn how to set up a scholarship to fund the future of Kent students, visit the Kent Community Foundation online or contact president Dana Neuts at [email protected].

For more information about the Rotary Club of Kent, visit or contact president Amy Hobson at [email protected].

For more information about Rotary Club of Kent-Sunrise, contact Marge Williams at [email protected].

For more information about Kent Area Council PTSA, visit or contact Tania Skinner at [email protected].


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