Nearly 80 percent of what we throw away is recyclable or compostable

Kent wants to make good on its goal to increase recycling rates at multifamily housing complexes.

According to city conservation specialist Gina Hungerford, nearly 80 percent of what we throw away is recyclable or compostable. “It’s disheartening to see monthly reports indicating that overall multifamily residents are recycling at a rate of only 12-14 percent.”

“Multifamily homes represent approximately 41 percent of Kent’s waste collection operations,” said Hungerford. “Increasing the diversion rate and extending the life of the last remaining landfill will help keep garbage bills down for everyone.”

Kent’s environmental staff is encouraging increased recycling at all city multifamily complexes.  The strategy includes:

  • Working with existing multifamily customers to ensure their existing programs are meeting their full potential
  • Developing customized programs that address the needs of multifamily and multilingual residents
  • Participating actively with developers and property owners to provide recycling and to encourage their residents to participate
  • Ensuring that new multifamily complex projects include adequate space for collecting recyclables
  • Continuing to educate residents and students about the benefits of recycling and why it is so important for the environment and how it affects our garbage rates.

The city is offering assistance to help complexes make the transition easy. For more information, please email conservation coordinator, Gina Hungerford at [email protected] or call her at 253-856-5549.