The Kent Police Department on Wednesday night (July 25) identified the second officer involved in the fatal accident which killed Officer Diego Moreno on July 22, 2018, as Officer Mark Williams.

This confirmation follows the King County Prosecutor’s determination for charges of the three suspects in relation to the death of Officer Moreno.

Williams is an 18-year veteran of the Kent Police Department. He has been a Detective, a Field Training Officer, and been awarded a Letter of Commendation for his assistance in apprehending two suspects who had robbed a 70-year old female at gun point.

Chief Padilla is calling on the community to stand with the Kent Police in support of Officer Williams.

“Officer Williams has dutifully provided service to the Kent community in several facets and has faced life and death encounters on numerous occasions,” said Chief Padilla, “he is one of our finest, who was doing his job when tragedy struck.”

Officer Williams has been released from the hospital and is recovering. Please respect his privacy and we request that no media attempt to contact him at this time.

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5 replies on “Kent Police confirm identity of injured police officer”

  1. This is just so tragic, I’m very sorry Officer Williams has to go through this horrible sadness. Nothing can be harder than to go through what he must be thinking. I send him my prayers and love for doing his job in such tremendous pain.

  2. Dear Kent PD, Officer Williams. Major hugs to you. Be gentle on self, let me repeat. Be gentle on self in going through step by step processes. Find deep breaths. Find even a small Eddie on a river and allow the quiet waters to meditate and fill you with calm. No one blames you, as accidents unwanted sometimes happen. You are born for this job. So take rest, but don’t forget why you serve, protect. Thank you for your service. Hugs always, no matter what.

  3. I have no words that have not been said,but my heart breaks for your anguish during this time! Just know that you are appreciated!! Consider yourself hugged! Thank you for your service!

  4. Officer Williams may your physical and emotional healing not be to difficult on your well being I am saying prayers sending very caring thoughts for you and your caring way may forces be with you no matter what thoughts are with you thru these difficulties I commend all those in blue that serve and protect all is not easy but I am thankful knowing officer williams since he gave my daughter a safe ride hm 11 years ago he’s an outstanding officer bless all!!!!!!?

  5. Thank you for your services for the last 18 Marino would say to you , he understands it wasn’t your fault . He was called home to patrol the heavens. And one day you and him will do what you were mentioning to do. Patrol a crime free heaven . Take care and we need you back on our streets of Kent. Thank you.

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