Kent Police want to remind the illegal street racers and their spectators that it is a crime in our city to participate in, and attend, illegal street races in the City of Kent.

It is also very dangerous.

Here’s more from Kent P.D.:

“While it’s common knowledge that it is a crime to participate in illegal street races, what many people don’t realize is that it is also a crime to gather and watch illegal street races.

“Kent City Code 9.42 Unlawful Race Attendance outlines the circumstances for when you will be charged. Attending an illegal street race is a misdemeanor. That means you will be seen at our City of Kent Municipal Court. If you’re found guilty, you will then be given a SOAR order, (Stay Out of Areas of Racing), which states you can be arrested or charged in the future for gathering in any location well known for racing in our city. Those locations are detailed in Kent City Code 9.43.

“Yes, it is a crime to watch the illegal races, and yes you will be charged if caught. But there are other very compelling reasons to avoid illegal street racing. Kent experienced those reasons this past weekend. Bystanders are hit by drifting vehicles, people in the crowd are armed, fights break out and weapons are brandished or used, injury accidents occur. Real spectators have been shot and run over.

“Bystanders are the most at risk and most vulnerable persons at an illegal street race. It’s not safe to just watch.

“While current State laws make it difficult to physically arrest the participants in illegal street racing, Kent Police have a long history of developing cases, arresting, and prosecuting illegal street racers, and race organizers.

“We are bringing in additional resources to impact the recent increase in illegal street racing in our city.”

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  1. The other day I didn’t even know that a street race was coming on and I tried to leave a restaurant. I can’t even get out of there cause there’s people everywhere and some dumb-a is flying up and down the street. What sucks is, if the cops showed up at that time, I would’ve been arrested.

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