Kent Police this week issued a warning about scams often found in the comments of social media posts.

Here’s more from Kent PD:

Hello Kent,

If you have been following our posts and reading the comments, you will see numerous attempts by nefarious individuals to trick you into taking what is yours. They promise an interesting video to view or a service that can help you. These links are loaded with Malware, and/or lead you to someone who will try to steal your money. Because it seems to be on the uptick this month, we thought we would re-state some simple rules to follow to keep you and your treasures safe and sound where they belong.

NEVER click on a link unless you are absolutely sure of its origin. You will get texts, emails, and social media comments/messages with clickable content that you didn’t request. Don’t click!

INSTEAD-access the supposed website on your own and check if you need to take action for something. Or call customer service.

SUSPECT any and all communications that try to instill fear that you owe money, have subscribed for something, might be arrested etc. Fear is a powerful motivator and the thieves know that, so pause and choose to not click or respond. Also, we can definitively confirm that a Law Enforcement Agency will NEVER send you a message asking you to click and pay for your warrant or fines.

Please SHARE this info with your less internet savvy friends, family and neighbors. Share often as the cons change seemingly daily.

The email ATTEMPT OF THE WEEK that has been sent to some of our PD staff is from a fake Norton Lifelock employee confirming that you signed up for an expensive subscription to their service. Don’t fall for it or any other similar attempt. Don’t Click.

Lastly-please talk to your elderly relatives, friends and neighbors. There is an old con going around again where elderly persons are called and told that the grandchild, (or other similar relative) are in danger or jail and they need to send money/bail. These communications do work and we know of one case this week where grandparents sent $18,000 before someone intervened. Make sure your elderly loved ones have your updated info to call and ask questions, make sure they know if they receive this call it is false and tell them what to do, (hang up and file a report).

Lastly ask their grandkids to call them regularly….it helps to insulate them from this particular crime when they have that regular connection.

Please share

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