In February, Wallet Hub named Kent, Washington the 10th most diverse city in America out of 501 cities ranked. The rankings are based on three factors of cultural diversity – ethnicity and race, language and birthplace. Last year Kent, Washington was ranked 18th.

Other Washington cities ranked as follows:

  • Renton, WA at 24th
  • Federal Way, WA at 34th
  • Bellevue, WA at 47th
  • Yakima, WA at 112th
  • Tacoma, WA at 125th
  • Seattle, WA at 132nd
  • Everett, WA at 133rd
  • Vancouver, WA at 203rd
  • Spokane, WA at 382nd

For additional statistics and the methodology behind the study, visit Wallet Hub.

Kent News: Kent, Washington was ranked the 10th most diverse city in America by Wallet Hub.
Source: Wallet Hub

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