Possible leak of unknown substance in Green River

Yesterday afternoon, hazardous materials response teams from Puget Sound Fire and Tukwila Fire responded to a report of a possible leak of an unknown substance in the Green River at 1:53 pm.

Kent News: HazMat Teams Respond to Possible Leak in Green RiverWhen firefighters arrived at the S. 196 street overpass, they could see a sheen of something on the surface of the river. They quickly set out two sets of absorbent booms across the river, one at the bridge and one further downstream where the river runs through the City of Tukwila to stop the movement of the material.

Firefighters and Guardian 1, the King County Sheriff’s helicopter, were unable to locate the source as they traveled along the river levy.

Initial testing of the material showed it to be petroleum based.

The investigation and removal of the material was turned over to the Department of Ecology once the flow of the substance was stopped.

[Source: Puget Sound Fire]