Kent’s Economic and Community Development Department this week launched ‘,’ a web-based, GIS-enabled platform that provides details on a variety of new developments, including residential and commercial projects, as well as major public infrastructure projects and more.

Postings provide a basic overview of projects, where they’re located, as well as links to more information.

The platform has three project categories including Coming Soon, Under Construction, and a Public Notice section for projects that require them, as well as for those which solicit public comment. Featured projects in Coming Soon and Under Construction are selected based on their economic impact and level of visibility to the residents at large.

“It’s a great way to share information about new projects in our community and is super simple and convenient,” said Michelle Wilmot of the Economic & Community Development Department. “If you’re curious about what’s being built by your business, in your neighborhood or around the city, go to I hope you find it informative – and please feel free to share with networks.”

See the new website at; here’s a screenshot:

Scott Schaefer

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