This week, sentencing updates were released for two Kent homicide cases from 2021:

Jovan Satterwhite

In the first case, Jovan Satterwhite, 41, was murdered on Jan. 7, 2021. He was shot in the head while in his vehicle near 235th Place and 88th Avenue South.

The suspect, Marcus B. Williams, 28 at the time of the murder, was identified after extensive investigation and collaboration with neighboring law enforcement agencies. Williams was arrested and charged with Satterwhite’s murder. He was sentenced to 38 years in prison after being convicted by a King County jury for second-degree murder, drive-by shooting (two counts), and unlawful possession of a firearm (two counts).

Avery Wilcox

In the second case, Avery Wilcox, 27, was murdered on March 21, 2021, in a parking lot in the 10400 block of SE Kent Kangley Road. He was shot in the head in the presence of his family and later succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital.

Anthony “Freeway” Dexter Ford Sr. was arrested and booked on June 22, 2021, for Wilcox’s murder. Ford Sr. pled guilty to first-degree murder, fourth-degree assault, and unlawful possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Kent Police Department emphasized the complexity of homicide investigations, highlighting the collaborative efforts of dispatchers, first responders, evidence technicians, forensic and crime analysts, and the Kent Detective Unit.

“”The families of both victims in these cases each had the opportunity to speak before the court prior to sentencing,” KPD Sergeant Meyer said. “In each instance, family members, while addressing the court, took time to thank the Kent Police Department for the incredible job done by all in order to bring to justice the responsible parties to their loved ones murder. Both families asked that I pass on to each of you their sincere thanks and appreciation.”

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