Pro-life and Planned Parenthood rallies

Kent was home to two protest rallies on yesterday morning. St. Stephen Respect Life Committee protested Planned Parenthood on 10056 240th in Kent while a much larger group from “Defend Planned Parenthood” by Seattle Clinic Defense led a counter-protest. The latter started at Town Square Plaza in downtown Kent at the corner of 2nd Ave and W Harrison St. and marched 1.7 miles, up James Hill to the Kent Valley Planned Parenthood building.

The St. Stephen Respect Life Committee “promotes respect for and protection of all human life from conception to natural death and supports pro-life organizations.”

Seattle Clinic Defense had this statement:

“On February 11, there are rallies planned across the country to in support of defunding Planned Parenthood, a move which will cut off essential services to people all across the spectrum, but particularly those who are at or near the poverty line.

[we are] in taking back the conversation around Planned Parenthood. The majority of the country does not believe it should be defunded, but we need to make sure that our voices are heard.”

Police were on hand, but the rallies were peaceful and without incident.




Michelle Gehlman-Teeter

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