On Tuesday, March 13, a high speed police chase that started in Tukwila ended in Auburn after a dangerous, 30-minute pursuit on slick roads.

Police started pursuing the car – the driver of which was being sought for a possible shooting in Seattle – just after 1:30 p.m.

During the chase, the suspect drove at high speeds – oftentimes on the shoulder – on SR 167 south towards Highway 18 before veering off and careening through neighborhoods, including a school zone.

At one point, deputies surrounded him in a cul-de-sac (at around 3:38 in the KIRO video), but the driver escaped what appeared to be a sure trap after slipping through two police cars.

The suspect was finally stopped by a PIT maneuver at around the 8:00 mark, which caused him to hit another vehicle.

No word yet on if there were any injuries.

“Pursuit of a possible shooting suspect that was involved in a felony hit and run,” police said. “Pursuit spanned multiple jurisdictions in King County and ended in the Auburn area.”

Here’s raw footage of the chase from the King County Sheriff’s Office Guardian One helicopter:

…and the full chase as streamed by KIRO:


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