Rotating Kent churches provide overnight shelter for women

REVISED, Nov. 4, 2016–The weather is getting chilly out, making life more challenging for Kent’s homeless population. KentHOPE, which operates a day center for women and children, works with local churches to provide overnight shelter options for single women:

KentHOPE Overnight Shelter – Single Women Only (up to 20 guests)
Location: Rotating Churches
Hours of Operation: 8:30 PM – 6:30 AM
Operation Dates: Year-round
Shelter Number: 253-480-2325

Intakes for the overnight shelter are done at KentHOPE Day Center, 9009 Canyon Drive, Kent,  between 7:00 AM and 8:30 PM. Transportation is provide from the day center to the rotating church shelter and back again.

I wrote to KentHOPE to clarify why the shelter is only available to single women. I received this reply:

“The shelter only allows single women due to the current staffing model and church liability – when kids are introduced into the picture, there are so many more legal requirements of both facilities and service providers. That said, we’ve started the process of figuring out what it would take to accept kids overnight at the rotating shelter.

Family shelter is a real need in Kent, which is why KentHOPE is opening a brand new day center and overnight shelter within the next year and a half that will allow mothers with kids to stay 24/7. Currently if moms with children are at the day center and don’t have a place to sleep that night, we do our best to find them a place to sleep and transport them if possible. Our Emergency Family Shelter in Seattle is one family option we call upon along with a handful of other options outside of Kent.”

KentHOPE provides overnight shelter for women.





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