On Sunday, Jan. 14, 2024, Page Turner Books – an independent new and used bookstore in Downtown Kent – was dealt a devastating blow, as they suffered damage from burst water pipes and are seeking help.

Temperatures that day were freezing, with highs in the 20s, and damage was common from burst water pipes around the region.

“Page Turner Books rents a space in a building that has an unoccupied unit above it,” organizers said. “On January 14, the water pipes in that upstairs unit froze, subsequently bursting in two places, causing flooding into the bookstore below. Water cascaded down the walls, from the ceiling, light fixtures, everywhere! You can imagine how devastating water damage is in a bookstore.”

Wayne Curran, the business owner, along with a group of the store’s Book Club members and Good Samaritans, rallied to try and minimize loss, but the amount of loss is considerable – credit card machines, the cash register, phone and router, all of the most valuable books kept behind the front counter, portions of book sections like YA and Esoteric, as well as items like puzzles, figures, etc.

Curran said that he will also be pursuing legal action, and that will bring its share of fees as well.

“With the damages being this exponential, for a small business like Page Turner Books, we will need help from the community if we are to weather this storm,” Curran said. “We definitely don’t want to close our doors forever. Being a part of this community means the world to all of us.”

Watch a video showing the terrible water damage here.

How to Help

To help this local, independent book store, please visit their GoFundMe page below, which has a goal of $10,000 but has only raised $1,640 as of Jan. 16, 2024:


Here’s more info from their GoFundMe page:

“The City of Kent has a dearth of bookstores, much less independent ones that are as important to the community as Page Turner Books is. From participating in wine walks and the annual Street of Treats at Halloween, to hosting a monthly book club, and planning and hosting community events like Meeker Street Nerd Party, and Fall Festi-con, Page Turner Books is a bastion of Downtown Kent. If you are familiar with the concept of “Third Places”, where home is “First Place” and work is “Second Place”, a “Third Place” is a place for social and creative interaction that fosters community. For many, Page Turner Books is that Third Place. It is our hope that PTB will be able to recover from this and continue to be that place. 

“This GoFundMe was created to help offset some of the loss, help with legal fees, and help with the lost wages of the employees of this small business. Donations of any amount are appreciated. Proceeds will go directly to Page Turner Books. Whether donating monetarily, simply sharing this campaign, or making a purchase online (as the online inventory was thankfully spared) at hasberts.com, Page Turner Books is incredibly grateful, and hopes to be able to serve you all again soon.”

Other Ways to Support

Page Turner Books’ online inventory has so far not been affected by the flooding – it is 100% dry. ONLY Online orders may be available for curbside pick up tomorrow, we’re trying to make a plan. Both physical storefronts will remain closed for in-store shopping for the foreseeable future, there is too much damage. Photo courtesy Page Turner Books.

Page Turner Books is located at 314 W. Meeker Street, Kent, WA 98032:

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