Last weekend Kent Police Patrol Officers Wong and Bertolacci responded to a 911 call on the East Hill of a subject using a torch to cut off a bike lock.

While responding to the call, they spotted the suspect, a 26-year-old Kent man, with the bike at the Big 5. Officer Wong tried to make contact, but the suspect hopped onto his stolen wheels and tried to flee.

“TRIED,” police said.

“His ninja bike skills failed him,” police said. “As he fled the Officers giving chase in their cars, he went down a dead end, tried to ditch the bike to run but fell instead. He then tried to climb a fence but wasn’t so good at that either. The Officers took him into custody and recovered the bike. Search incident to arrest revealed a tool to steal cars, and some suspected fentanyl. He was booked for theft of the bike, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Motor Vehicle Theft Tools.”

“BUT THERE IS MORE,” police said. “The suspect had a $10,000 burglary warrant out of King County SO, and a No Bail warrant out of Kent for Vehicle Trespass. He was booked on these warrants as well.”

Officers had no idea who the bike belonged to, but they secured it to Officer Bertolacci’s vehicle push bars and brought it back to the area where the 911 call originated. Turns out, a Value Village employee, who uses the bike as transportation, is the owner and as you can see was delighted it was returned.

“Thank you to the 911 caller who took the time to report this suspicious activity. We always say we can’t do it without you.

“Thank you to Eagle Eyes Officers Wong and Bertolacci for spotting this bad guy and getting him off our streets.”

Photo courtesy Kent Police Department

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