Kent Police are reporting that last Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2023, a Kent resident called 911 to report a suspicious cargo van near their home, and once police arrived, much more unfolded.

The van had apparently been parked on 98th Ave S., for roughly the past week.

The 911 caller described some strange behavior around the vehicle and at the home near where it was parked. The caller suspected illegal drug activity.

Kent Patrol Officers responded and located an occupied sedan near the unoccupied cargo van. Several men were in the sedan which had no plates and was sporting a fake trip permit. The Officers made contact and noted that the sedan’s VIN was covered with tape, and the steering column was “completely destroyed.”

“Clues this obviously means something is up with the car,” police said.

The vehicle turned out to be stolen in King County on July 26.

One occupant, a 39-year-old Kent man, had climbed out of the sedan holding his drug pipe.

“Seemed like an odd choice, even in our line of work,” police added.

The suspect had multiple arrest warrants in different cities, including one in Kent for $5,300 for Failure to Appear on a Possession of a Dangerous Weapon, and False Statements charges.

Kent Officers took him into custody, and during the search incident to arrest they located a small piece of tinfoil in his hand that contained a Fentanyl pill. He began to show obvious signs of drug use and was struggling to stand. He was placed in a safe seated position, after which more Fentanyl pills and a baggie of meth was located on his person.

The Officer called firefighters to the scene to deliver aid, and the suspect eventually admitted to smoking 7 ‘blues’ or Fentanyl pills prior to Police arrival.

“We see a lot of overdoses. He is very lucky that our resident called 911 and he was detained by Police.

Ultimately, the suspect was taken to the hospital, received treatment, and was medically cleared to be booked. He has several warrants to clear up in various cities before being released, and now has a brand-new charge for possession of the stolen gun, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm because he is a convicted felon.

This suspect already has 2 felony, 31 gross misdemeanor, and 17 misdemeanor convictions. His last felony conviction was for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in King County.

“Thank you to our 911 caller. You helped us catch a bad guy, and probably saved his life too.

“We want to also acknowledge the great job by our Officers who had some newer Kent PD Officers still in training assisting them. This was a great opportunity to teach by example excellent investigative techniques, safety tactics, proper evidence handling and all the steps that go into making sure the charges stick, the suspects are treated with care, and everyone gets home safe.”

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