The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office this week filed charges against Chucco Lavarr Robinson, 46, of several crimes, including Murder in the First Degree and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm in the First Degree.

Robinson is charged with having shot three people in the head with a revolver at the Blvd. Apartments in Kent on June 29, 2023.

One of the victims has died, and a female victim remains unable to breath or eat on her own and is currently unresponsive.

Prosecutors accuse Robinson of causing the death of Jack Torres Lee Rainford, Jr., with premeditated intent to cause harm. Rainford passed away on or around July 4, 2023.

Additionally, Robinson is accused of attempting to murder two other individuals.

The crime of Murder in the First Degree carries a maximum punishment of life in prison.

“The defendant’s actions in the present crimes, combined with his serious violent history show by clear and convincing evidence that he has a propensity for violence that creates a substantial likelihood of danger to the community,” prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said that on June 29 at around 6:22 a.m., Kent Police Officers were dispatched to the BLVD Apartments located at 2110 S 272nd Street regarding a shooting.

Dispatch advised that an individual had been shot in the head at the apartment complex, according to the reporting party.

Upon arrival, Kent Police Officers located gunshot victim Jack Tones Lee Rainford JR, on the third floor of the “D” building. Rainford had an apparent gunshot wound to his head. An Officer pulled him from the doorway to the hallway to provide life-saving measures.

Kent PD Officers entered an apartment and located a second gunshot victim, Shawntae Tucker, in the northwest bedroom. Tucker also had an apparent gunshot wound to her head. Kent Police Officers also began life saving measures on Tucker until Puget Sound Fire and Medics arrived on location.

Both victims were transported to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

Here’s more from the charging docs:

  • Police said that Rainford arrived with another person at BLVD Apartments in his vehicle sometime after 5:30 a.m. Rainford drove them both to the apartments. Rainford was backed into a parking stall on the northwest corner of the “D” building, and informed the other person that he had to go into the apartment building because someone “owed him something.”
  • His friend remained inside the vehicle in the passenger seat while Rainford went in to the building. He estimated Rainford was in the building about ten minutes when he heard a loud gunshot, followed by a female screaming, then four to five more loud gunshots.
  • Approximately less than a minute after the gunshots, the person observed an unknown black male exit the west stairwell of the D building stopping behind Rainford’s vehicle where he was located. The unknown black male was sweating and looking around the parking lot, appearing “frantic” to him. He stated the unknown black male then began quickly walking southbound through the parking lot where he observed the male lift his black windbreaker to conceal something into his back waistband or pocket. At that time, he noted seeing a red undershirt. The unknown black male then used a key to get into and leave in what was described by the person as an older “seafoam green” sedan.
  • The unknown male drove away in the car at a high speed southbound through the parking lot. The witness believed the male turned right on S. 272nd Street, which is westbound. The unknown male was described as a black male, 5’8″, 40’s, with distinct balding in the front and back of his head wearing a black windbreaker jacket, red undershirt or underwear, and khaki pants.
  • After the man drove away, the witness yelled out of the car window for Rainford but got no response, he honked the horn of Rainford’s vehicle with no response. Worried about Rainford, he stated he exited the vehicle and attempted to get into the west stairwell, but it was locked. He was able to locate a chisel in Rainford’s vehicle and forced the door open, then ran through the building yelling for Rainford with no answer. He arrived on the third floor and observed the door to an apartment was open then observed Rainford’s feet laying in the doorway. He stated when he located Rainford, he was gasping for breath but not moving or speaking. He immediately called 911. Dispatch informed him to apply pressure to Rainford’s head. He went to find a towel within the apartment and located a female who he believed was dead with a gunshot wound in the bedroom. He located a towel and applied pressure to Rainford’s head until Kent PD arrived on location to take over medical aid.
  • As described above, an Officer conducted a brief interview of the witness inside the apartment by the air mattress which was in the living room while aid tended to Tucker and Rainford. At the conclusion of the interview, the Officer found a Washington driver’s license face down on the bed and flipped it over believing it belonged to the witness. The Officer picked up the license and asked him who this was referencing the license, and he immediately responded “That’s the guy, that’s him.” The driver’s license belonged to’ Chucco Robinson and had his DOL picture located on it. The witness later informed Detectives that he wasn’t positive that was the male he observed but it looked like him.
  • Responding officers located a blood trail which went east through the hallway on the third floor from the apartment Tucker and Rainford were shot in, down the eastern stairwell, and into the parking lot in on the east side of building #D. There were blood swipes and blood droplets along the walls through the blood trail officers located.
  • Later in the day, Detectives located Tucker’s social media account and observed Tucker was in a dating relationship with Anthony McQueen. A Detective was able to get in to contact with Anthony McQueen’s father who reported McQueen was injured but was scared to get medical treatment. Another Detective searched the Kent PD Flock automatic license plate reader cameras for the type of vehicle the witness described, and clarified the color of the vehicle the unknown male left in to a Detective by pointing out a hue of green on a Clorox wipe container nearby.
  • Another Detective located a similar shade green sedan going northbound on Pacific Hwy S turning right from S 272nd St on 06/29/2023 around 5:58 a.m. The vehicle DOL return was a green 1997 Toyota Camry, with the registered owner being Chucco Robinson; the same Chucco Robinson listed on the Washington driver’s license the witness identified previously in the living room.
  • A Detective did not know an ID had been discovered at the scene before sending info on the referenced vehicle.
  • A Detective also located Robinson’s vehicle going eastbound through another Flock camera on 06/29/2023 at 6:51 a.m.; the driver could be seen wearing a red shirt.
  • A search warrant was obtained for crime scene processing of the western stairwell, third floor hallway, eastern stairwell of #D building, and Rainford’s vehicle.
  • During the search warrant, three fired bullets were recovered to include one with suspected blood on it right outside of the doorway to #D301.
  • There was a large pool of blood where Rainford had been located inside of the doorway and a large pool of blood inside of the northwest bedroom where Tucker had been located. No casings were recovered from the scene.
  • On 07/03/2023 around 1:21 a.m., Des Moines PD located Robinson inside of his registered green 1997 Toyota Corolla. Robinson was arrested on the probable cause for this case and transported to Kent PD. Detectives observed Robinson’s distinct receding front hairline and balding spot on the back of his head; the distinct hairline was as a witness had described it to police. He was transported to King County Jail where he was booked.
  • Robinson is a convicted felon for Murder in the 2nd Degree (King County Superior Court 93-1-06537-6), Burglary in the 1st Degree (Spokane County Superior Court 07-1-02518-0), and Assault in the 2nd Degree (Spokane County Superior Court 07-1-02518-0). Therefore, he is ineligible to possess firearms.
  • Rainford’s autopsy at the King County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that he was killed by injuries sustained from the gunshot wound to his head.

Prosecutors argue that Robinson’s actions, including attempting to kill multiple individuals and his history of violent convictions, demonstrate “a propensity for violence that poses a substantial likelihood of danger to the community.”

As a result, the document states that a no bail hold is appropriate in this case.

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