The City of Kent has reached an agreement to purchase the vacant lot just to the north of Kherson Park, sometimes called the “Penguin Lot” since a quirky sculpture of a Penguin once called it home.

Price of the sale of the Li Chou Property located at 2nd Ave S. and W. Meeker Street was $347,000 (plus closing costs), according to a Kent City Council agenda item. Acquisition of the property will be covered by City Funds.

The property is approximately 5,173 square feet in size and is located at 302 West Meeker Street; King County Tax Parcel Number 982570-0390.

Once the purchased is finalized, the City will own both vacant lots north of Kherson Park.

This acquisition will allow the City to increase the size of the popular Kherson “Space for Kids” Park in downtown.

In the interest of time, the Purchase and Sale Agreement was signed by the seller and Mayor on March 24th, 2024, subject to City Council approval.

This acquisition brings both vacant lots north of Kherson Park under city ownership.

The City’s Parks Department plans to make temporary improvements to both lots in the near future. Following this initial phase, they will engage the community in a planning process to determine the long-term vision for the property.

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